Know what’s coming up in the stars for you personally.


This is for an extensive 12-Month Personal Transit Report that is hand-prepared just for YOU! It goes into profound detail about what is coming up for you very very specifically over the next 12 months and is quite remarkable. Different than the Solar Return Report, this one moves with you throughout the year. So both together are really quite valuable.


I’m so excited for you to basically have a BOOK OF YOU for the next year. They come out to around 60-70 pages. They start from the time that they are ordered, but if you’d like a Transit Report that is done for any other 12 Month stretch, just email right after ordered to notify us of another date.

If you are brand baby new to Astrology I recommend you check out my totally free webinar on The Foundations of Astrology that you can find here:
If you’ve got that down but want to go deeper, I highly recommend the Astrology for Real Connection Course that will help you to get the most out of your report: