The Solar Return Report captures the sky at the moment the Sun returns to the exact part of the Zodiac it was in when you were born — which is not actually the same minute you were born. It could even be the day before or the day after. Fascinating, huh?


Your Solar Return Report is a beautiful snapshot of the year ahead, almost like a “new natal chart” for that year that overlays with the energy of your original natal chart. For example, you  may be a Rising Scorpio in your natal chart, but your Solar Return this year could have you as a Rising Gemini, which would be a verrrry different energy.


The 12 Month Transit Report will take you through all the transits as they occur over the next year, but the Solar Return Report is a more stationary energy that gives illumination to a more temporary experience, but one that lasts for an entire year.


Once ordered you will get both within 7 business days delivered to your email provided.

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