Hello lovey! I’m so glad you’re here. One-on-one sessions are irreplaceable to learning more about yourself and those around you. Listed are some hand-selected Certified Light-Filled Astrologers™ that I work with and trust to provide sessions. Please have a look at what they do and reach out to learn@illuxology.com if you have any questions.

✨ Be Light.

Aubrey Svedin is a Certified Light-Filled Astrologer™ and a Certified Emotion Code Energy Healing Practitioner.

She has a unique way of helping people heal through looking at their natal chart and clearing blocks stopping the natural flow of energy.

She also has a powerful method of seeing the planets frequency inside the chakra system and how the energetic blocks in your chart can hinder the chakras ability to flow freely.

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Elise Houston is a Certified Light-Filled Astrologer™ and a Human Design Expert. She has a profound ability to see people deeply and is wildly passionate about self compassion and self development. She is also a certified Image Consultant and Core Values Coach who specializes in helping people create soul-level visual alignment.

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If you want to work with me, my schedule is a lot more limited as I dedicate most of my session time to working with my Light-Filled Astrologer Students. To learn more about becoming a Light-Filled Astrologer, CLICK HERE.

These are the sessions that I currently offer: