You are in for the next Light-Filled Elemental Astrology Self Study! This is HUGE!!

This is set up as a 12-week program with modules that you can access at your own pace. I recommend following a 12-week format but if you want to go quicker or slower, you can.

Here’s the weekly breakdown of what we will be covering:

WEEK ONE: The 4 Dimensions of Astrology

WEEK TWO: The 12 Energies of the Zodiac {First Half}

WEEK THREE: The 12 Energies of the Zodiac {Second Half}

WEEK FOUR: The Planets {First Half} + Luminaries

WEEK FIVE: The Planets {Second Half} + Nodal Path

WEEK SIX: The Asteroids + Other Points

WEEK SEVEN: The Houses + Interceptions

WEEK EIGHT: Aspects + Patterns

WEEK NINE: How to Read Natal Charts

WEEK TEN: Transits + Celestial Events

WEEK ELEVEN: Returns + Major Life Transits

WEEK TWELVE: Practical Application

It will be a LOT to cover in 12 weeks but this will give you such a deep dive into all the areas that you’ve been trying to learn about but just didn’t quite understand.

You’ve got this!