Hey lovely! It’s great to see you again!

For whatever reason you either weren’t able to attend the first round of Live Q&As or you’re wanting a second go as you process through your certification.

You’re in the right place.

This will give you that ongoing learning + connection that I know you’ve been craving and needing to complete everything. If this is you and you’ve really want your Light-Filled Elemental Astrology Certification let’s get you in.

The level of breakthroughs that we have together in these Lives are just off the charts. Stephanie Lee would even describe them has her “Thursday Church” {we had that cohort on Thursdays, this one will be on Wednesdays} since she got such a spiritual uplift from them.

We’ve had tears, uncharted awareness unfold, understanding finally sink in and the compassion and love that is waiting for you here is potent.

This will be very helpful to you but space is SUPER limited! I only have room for 3 people in this current cohort so if this is for you, JUMP IN ASAP. Content starts Thursday 5/25 and our weekly Live Q&As are starting Wednesday 5/31 at 11:00am MDT.




Redo the Weekly Live Q&As along with this new cohort

★ Join in when we meet on Wednesdays at 11:00am MDT

★ Our first Live Q&A is Wednesday May 31st

★ Fully participate and submit your questions 

★ Valued at over $1100/month

★ All of this for $288/month for 3 months or a full payment of $777


Private Mentorship {Professional Light-Filled Astrologer Beta Program}

★ Everything listed above in the Group Membership PLUS:

★ Two 90-minute private sessions per month with Naomi Fox Reina

★ Voxer Support throughout the month

★ Valued at over $3300/month

★ All of this for $1440/month

★ Email me at learn@illuxology.com if you’re interested in this option

If you have passed the 4 month deadline after your program has ended, this will waive the $111 fee and re-extend your time to get your certification submission in to another 4 months after this 12 week series completes.