WELCOME! Oh, I’m so delighted about this and that you’re HERE!

I have loved having you on the weekly Live Q&As for the Light-Filled Elemental Astrology Certification Program. The conversations that we got into have been some of my most favorite. But… I’ve missed you!

Plus, I know that you still have questions and may even need support. You are still in need of being ENRICHED.

This will give you that ongoing learning + connection that I know you’ve been craving. So here is your ongoing option to join in on the glorious Live Q&A Calls that are ONLY FOR those who have enrolled in the Light-Filled Elemental Astrology Certification Program.

Whether you’re already certified or couldn’t quite keep up with the week-by-week, this is the best way to continue to get your Light-Filled Astrology + Human Design questions answered!

Jump on in and invite your friends and let’s make it a PARTY!

This is unlike anything you can get anywhere else. Keep up your studies and have LIVE access to Professional Light-Filled Astrologer Naomi Fox Reina.


Light-Filled Monthly Group Live Q&As

★ Monthly Group 90-minute Live Q&As

★ Living by the Moon Monthly Subscription

★ Can do for just a few months or ongoing

★ Valued at over $1100/month

★ All of this for $288/month

Private Mentorship –  ONLY 2 SPOTS AVAILABLE
{Professional Light-Filled Astrologer Beta Program}

★ Everything listed above in the Group Membership PLUS:

★ Two 55-minute private sessions per month with Naomi Fox Reina

★ Voxer Support throughout the month

★ Designed for a 6-12 month container

★ Valued at over $3300/month

★ All of this for $1440/month

We will meet on the 2nd Thursday of every month at 11:00am MST starting on April 13th, and for the month of March we will meet on Wednesday March 15th.

PLUS as a BONUS both options will be added to the Living by the Moon group that’s twice per month valued at $488!

Please let me know if you have any questions at all on either of the options. I’d love to help you get clarity on which one is right for you.

I really look forward to continuing to work with you and all the life-changing, light-filled discussions we will continue to have.