Hello fellow seeker! I love that you are all set for those gorgeous emails coming straight to you. You’re in for some good stuff.

As I as was thinking about what you share with you on this page that you get to see after clicking the link to trigger the automated sequence, I thought about a few things I could share.



And what I came to mind the strongest was the booking details to get your own 12-Month Personal Transit Report if you haven’t yet. I think I actually have done a poor job talking about just how valuable that they are, and even still so so many of you have opted in to get yours.


If you haven’t heard of it yet {due to my neglectful marketing skills} please take a moment to check it out. This report has some amazing details that will walk you through what you’re currently going through from an Astrological energy standpoint, but also the upcoming next 12 months. And it’s totally custom tailored to YOU. This is not generic, and is hand-prepared and emailed right to you by the date that you select.


I truly wish EVERYONE could have their own copy. I just pulled mine up the other day because I was feeling a little extra angsty and sure enough, transiting Mars was opposing my Neptune and wow was it making me vaguely irritable! Even if you don’t understand technical astrology-speak, it’ll break it down for you, and give you EXACT date ranges of what to expect when.


It’s probably one of the coolest things that I offer. So check it out and see if it’s time for you to get YOURS!