• A clear idea of who you need to be dating.

  • A clear idea of who you need to NOT be dating.

  • Freedom from bad relationships.

  • Permission to be yourself.

  • Release from past relationships that are holding you back.

  • A whole new level of confidence in your love life.

  • Practical tools for how to check in to see if you’re on the right track.

  • Living advice that you can continue to build on.

  • More money.

  • Better friendships.


I’m not even kidding…. it’s that awesome.

I took this class a few years ago, and LET ME TELL YOU, it has been a game changer. I understand myself, others, relationships, and myself in relationship to/with others on levels I couldn’t even fathom before. I’ve dated LOTS since this class and it’s been incredible!!! Would recommend, 10,000%!

Forrest CallRelationship-Focused Therapist

Thank you Naomi Fox Reina! I’m so grateful I was led to you because what I learned helped open doors that CHANGED me in ways I can’t explain except by the word “miracle.” Issues in specific areas that I’ve struggled with for years are healing.

Jennifer Stirling-CampbellIntuitive Life Coach

Naomi is an EXCELLENT astrologer! She is one of my top people to refer to others. She is a SAFE SPACE, in caps because not all practitioners are. She interprets charts without judgment. I have literally recommended her work to all my closest friends!

Allie DuzettMedical Intuitive + Astrologer


This 5-week course will be available every Thursday morning for the new content and for those who choose the Live Group Coaching, we will also meet Live on Monday evenings for group discussion and open question and answers about all of it!


Content drops Thursday February 16th and we meet Live:

  • Monday 2/20 @ 7pm MST

  • Monday 2/27 @ 7pm MST

  • Monday 3/6 @ 7pm MST

  • Monday 3/13 @ 7pm MST

  • Monday 3/20 @ 7pm MST

Reserve your spot as space is limited so we’ll have enough time and attention to focus on YOU in our live meetings.