Want to know yourself deeper but you’re not ready for a full session yet? Grab your thorough Astrology + Human Design Hand-prepared Report.

These are included in my one-on-one Astrology + Human Design sessions, but should you want just the report you can get that here!


They are valued at $188 and I’m offering them for only $88. They ARE hand-prepared so it’ll take a bit to get it to you, also depending on how many orders come through.


But I’m so excited for you to basically have a BOOK OF YOU for the next year. They come out to around 60-70 pages.


Email me if you have any questions.


Naomi Fox Reina, Light-Filled Astrologer

If you are brand baby new to Astrology I recommend you check out my totally free webinar on The Foundations of Astrology that you can find here:
If you’ve got that down but want to go deeper, I highly recommend the Astrology for Real Connection Course that will help you to get the most out of your report: